Who We Are

We’re a software firm dedicated to helping companies grow and manage their development teams with creative and talented engineers working out of the San Diego – Tijuana mega-region.

What We Do

We design and create awesome products following a mature process and Agile best practices. We’ve helped companies build applications from the ground up – from customer development and prototyping to building, testing and deploying. We have also helped our clients re-factor existing platforms, building mobile versions of their tools or renovating their product offerings altogether.

The ArkusNexus Approach

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We get it!

You’ll work with bi-lingual, bi-cultural developers in other words someone who gets it. Having a similar cultural affinity allows us to truly understand your needs and deliver exactly what you want and more.

Same time zone

If you ever partnered with an offshore company, you know how difficult it can be to coordinate with a team halfway across the world. Imagine having meetings with team members who actually share your time zone – you can even choose to fly-in / fly-out the same day.

Great quality results

Great products aren’t built overnight, you need a team that can understand your business beyond lines of code and add real value at every step of the way. Our Scrum masters, business analysts and devs will take ownership of your project at a stakeholder level.

Top caliber talent

In the words of Steve Ballmer, you need developers who consider their work as a piece of art and that build clean and scalable lines of code for your product.