A couple of days ago, our friends at MIND Hub in collaboration with Angel Ventures Mexico, Cetys University and Plug and Play organized a binational demo night, Bursting the Bubble. The goal, connect US business accelerators and investors with Mexican entrepreneurs to further boost the already ongoing collaboration between the sister cities of Tijuana-San Diego.

A connected ecosystem

For the past couple of years the San Diego-Tijuana region has been actively collaborating on multiple fronts, border-crossing improvements, to having the first binational Airport, to have a binational demo night just makes sense. Some of the attendees at the event included Gabriela Dow and Robert Reyes from Plug & Play and U.S. congressman Scott Peters, who emphasized on how the technological and scientific community represents one of the three major economies in San Diego, and how the collaboration with Tijuana represents a great investment opportunity thanks to its capacity for innovation, engineers, healthcare market and manufacturing. The San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan is the largest binational region between the US and Mexico and is the third richest region in the Californias with a GDP of $136.3 billion.

Participating startups

The startups presented by MIND Hub included Flipp, a secondary marketplace for selling and buying used books geared to college students; Contarte, an intuitive accounting software tool for SME´s and their daily business operations; and Divisax, a digital exchange system designed for Mexicans who live in Tijuana and work in the U.S. These projects were accompanied by VINIA and SAMDRY from Angel Ventures Mexico along with PagoCheck, GILSOT and ToutCast from CETYS University. Demo night, Bursting the bubble