Last week we had the honor to sponsor @MDBW16, where we exchanged GIANT ideas with top architects, software engineers and as bonus, we tasted some exotic beers from around the world.

As part of our mantra, we strive to stay active the different tech communities and often reach out to connect with fellow tech professionals in order to get a sense on where things are headed: Technologies, Data, Devices, IoT, security, challenges, etc. MongoWorld was not the exception.

Fireside chat: Gary Hoberman

One of the companies that is leveraging MongoDB is MetLife, a Fortune 50 company that needed to create a 360-degree view of its customers to know and talk to each and everyone of their 100 million customers in a more personalized manner.

MetLife created The Wall, a platform that collects vast amounts of structured and unstructured information from multiple systems.

Today, when a customer calls MetLife to ask about a claim, add a new baby to a policy, or dig into coverage details, customer representatives use the Wall to pull up every bit of information they need in seconds – name, address, policies, and life events.

Customer reps can quickly and efficiently answer questions, handle claims, suggest new services, or offer promotions, while slashing wait and call times. MetLife now understands and serves each customer individually.

Something GIANT has arrived

At the closing keynote, Mongo's CTO Elliot Horowitz introduced MongoDB Atlas, a database as a service that makes running MongoDB very effortless, whether you are running a single replica set or a sharded cluster hosting hundreds of terabytes.

Some of the benefits Atlas bring to the table are:

  • Built on MongoDB 3.2
  • High-performance
  • One-click, automated sharding for scale out and zero-downtime scale up
  • Instant visibility into the database and hardware metrics that matter
  • Strong security that includes TLS / SSL encryption, authentication and authorization via SCRAM-SHA1

We're definitely looking forward to participating @MDBW17 to learn, connect and best of all, grow the CaliBaja tech ecosystem.

Playboy case study with MongoDB