This month, ArkusNexus is celebrating its 13th anniversary. We thank our collaborators, partners and everyone that's working to promote and grow the binational CaliBaja mega-region.

Over the past 13 years, we've deployed countless platforms and solutions that are being used by thousands of people, we've helped startups grow and scale, we've enabled entire sales teams with the tools they need to make eye-catching presentations, and most important of all, we have done and will continue do so as a team.

An organically designed tech ecosystem

When ArkusNexus first started, most of the projects were done for local Tijuana companies, and were usually task driven. After many iterations and mishaps, we've developed and organic ecosystem that fosters true innovation and seamless collaboration between us and our partners.

The key to our success? Our awesome engineers. Our tech consultants have access to continuous education through MIND University and recent grads can hone their tech skills with our 3 month bootcamp program.

Our culture of recognition and close collaboration fosters an environment where innovation in all its forms is welcomed and encouraged.

ArkusNexus anniversary
ArkusNexus anniversary
ArkusNexus anniversary
MIND Hub – Mexico Innovation and Development

We're very excited for the years to come. Our vision is to become one of Mexico's leading engineering firms, with products deployed on a global scale, and we're positive that our engineering talent and transparent way of doing business will play a major role in getting us there.

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