A quicker route to building powerful contextual applications without killing your budget

What is all this crazy talk about the MEAN stack and what not? Well, for those of you that may not know exactly what it is… it’s basically a bundle of Javascript technologies used to develop modern applications. Commonly referred to as the MEAN Stack, the bundle is comprised of the following technologies:

  • MongoDB – A more flexible and scalable way of storing data
  • Express – Provides standards for building all your websites
  • AngularJS – Give a smooth way of adding interactive functions and Ajax components
  • Node.JS – Offers a better unification point to run the server

MEAN Stack developmentThe MEAN stack has become a favorite among tech companies and developer communities

Next, I'm going to list a couple of reasons why you should consider MEAN stack for your next development project.

1. Blissful simplicity

This modern stack offers a simple and feasible structure to build robust applications in shorter time frames in comparison to other common stacks such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl), known to be a cleaner and predominantly logical way for moving data back and forth from any point.

2. Cost effective

Staffing is easier because it’s basically all JavaScript across the stack and this means you can leverage existing staff and external resources on demand without the need of a PHP and Javascript expert.

Another benefit to using the MEAN stack is it gives software engineers the accessibility of moving code around from Node to AngularJS and vice versa; the beauty of this is that the code will run with little to no modifications. This particular capability saves time and mitigates risk for developers. More importantly, enterprise organizations can R&D ideas and bring them to market with less resources than before, thus optimizing chances for ideas to be monetized.

3. Relevant and true

MEAN stack offers a sleeker modern method to web development with powerful single-page applications. It’s imperative to take into consideration that all the technologies within the stack were purposely designed and congruently coded to work as a whole; even though, today there are trends to create multiple frameworks that connect to a single language as a full stack solution, the MEAN stack has positioned itself as the most effective strategy and approach to web development.

4. Robust communities

The MEAN stack development community is quite robust, due in fact that the stack is completely OPEN source and free to use; this means more updates, ideas and workarounds. More ideas are shared, more insights from the developer trenches and free tutorials on how to overcome hurdles to emerging challenges of keeping products and services relevant to today’s economies of scale.

Robust communities of MEAN developers

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