A collaboration of tech leaders in the bay area

Last week, the ArkusNexus team visited the bay area for a gathering of San Francisco's most talented tech profiles. Attended by CIOs and IT leaders from Bay Area-based enterprise, CIO Synergy is a collaboration of the largest organizations and brands from within San Francisco – a community of like minded technology leaders and strategists in a thought leading think-tank of collaboration.

Winners, losers and the life of a CISO

As Todd Barnum pointed out on his keynote presentation, a CISO can't really call himself a winner, not if he's working for a Fortune 500 company anyway. The reason is simple, all Fortune 500 companies have been breached.

During his informative and entertaining presentation, Todd shared his experience working with GoPro and some of the steps he and his team take to prevent security breaches.

A conversation with @biz

During a fireside chat, Biz Stone shared some of his most memorable moments before founding Twitter back in 2006. He also talked about the role of social media in todays society and how its being used for different purposes – democratic, social movements and personal.

Check out the periscope broadcast for more insights.

Competition for talent in the Bay Area

An interesting topic amongst tech leaders emerged during a CIO discussion panel – hiring and retaining talent. San Francisco tech workforce has more than doubled in the last 3 years and according to indeed.com, there are still close to 8,600 unfilled software engineer positions in the area.

On the panel, some CIOs mentioned they like to keep their team happy by adding a human touch, challenging them on a technical and personal level and of course, offering juicy compensations.

Others talked about working closely with partners that take full ownership and accountability, and how this model has allowed them to focus on the business side of the company.