It's that time of year when Stack Overflow releases its annual developer survey. In total there where over 56,000 responses from different countries. We thought this would be a good opportunity to provide some insight into the minds of Mexican software engineers – all 440 of them.

The ultimate showdown

Let's get out of the way the important questions. Mexicans developers prefer the company of dogs over their feline counterparts. As far as sci-fi go, Star Wars still holds a considerable lead vs the Trekies – at least with the younger population of Mexico (17% of the total population ages 20 - 29)

Stack Overflow Developer Survey – Cats vs dogs + SW vs ST

39% of developers have 2 to 5 years of experience and most of them are self-taught

This a multiple select question, so it doesn't necessarily mean that developers only got their mad skills via YouTube – every developer learns to use a library at some point their career.

When you talk about experience, Mexican developers have on average 2-5 years of professional experience (39.8%) while the developers with 6-10 years of experience account for 23.4% of participants.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Education vs. Experience

Full stack here, full stack there, full stack everywhere

Being a full-stack developer is the most common occupation among participants with 39%, followed by Mobile and back-end developers with 13% each.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Self-identified occupation

Windows is king

When asked about their favorite OS, Windows has an interesting lead over MacOS. 48.6% of participants prefer Bill Gates OS vs. 31.9% of participants who say they prefer MacOS.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Favorite operating system

Javascript reigns as favorite

Javascript is one of the most used tech by Mexican developers, followed closely by Java, C#, SQL and Android. On the contrary, developers would love to use Node.js, Python, MongoDB and Ruby on their development projects.

According to the TIOBE Index published in August 2016, web and mobile languages, such as Java, are dominating while C is less in demand in comparison to years before; the reason being is that C is not appropriate for emerging technologies in the web, mobile and IoT app development space.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Tech want vs tech used

You can draw your own conclusions using the raw data from the survey (as far back as 2012). If you have conclusions of your own, make sure to post on them on the comments section 🙂