If you are an SMB or even a Start-up with legs, we are inviting you to tune in, on May 31st @3pm, for an 8-10 minute Facebook Live streaming TechBlitz interview from the ArkusNexus Tech Campus with Global Payments leader, Benjamin Jenkins, and Guillermo Mejia, Director of @MINDHUB Tech Incubator.

TechBlitz Live Cast Product Market Fit

Key Takeaway: We will be diving into what is most important when developing a product at any level, business size, with any type of technological requirements.

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TechBlitz Live

The topic of Discussion: Why you should be seeking PRODUCT MARKET FIT (Do you practice PMF?)

Focus areas:

What is Digital Product Market Fit?
How can you tell whether you do (or don’t) have product-market fit?
Why should Product Builders and Managers be focused on Digital Product market Fit - especially for SMB’s?
What are some viable options that can help address the gaps?

Discussion Panel

Benjamin Jenkins - Digital Product Expert and Consultant

Ben Jenkins is a software innovator with in-depth, expert knowledge in the payment industry.  Over 19 years, he has developed new business lines for large corporations and new technology start-ups, and he is a start-up founding partner.  Most recently his work focused on developing the payment infrastructure now responsible for processing billions of dollars annually in non-profit donations. Ben also drives new technologies in several start-up advisory board roles. He is now setting out on a new venture to change the landscape of how product ideas efficiently and cost effectively reach the market while reducing many of the challenges currently faced by early/mid-stage company leaders.

Guillermo Mejia - MINDHUB

Guillermo is the Managing Director at the MIND Hub which is a Tech Incubator Program in Tijuana, Mexico, focusing on early stage Software StartUps. Previously, He was the CTO and Co-Founder of Pointman Magazine, an interactive guide for men; and from 2011 to 2014 the ITC Cluster Manager in Baja. He has a Bachelor´s Degree in Graphic Design and has worked in the Tech space since 1994.

Mind Hub is a Tech Incubator and Tech Campus founded in 2012 by a group of passionate, talented and experienced technology lovers which part-time entrepreneurs who enjoy doing what they do best... building exceptional start-ups.

They are also comic, video game and true Star Wars fans.


Lonnie McRorey - ArkusNexus

Digital Product guy that got his first taste of Product Development and Management with Co-Founder of Hotjobs.com / Yahoo, that went on to help bring out from POC stage, an early version of the first Unified DevOps platform. Ultimately lending his experience, capacity, and knowledge to Product Development services firms across the Americas.  Today, he is part of an emerging Tech Ecosystem that is focused on developing products with highly capable SCRUM teams out of Tijuana, Mexico.

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