The challenge of software delivery estimation

So when do you think this feature will be ready John?

If you are anything like John, you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, what answer can I give that will not come back to bite me in the ass later.

As a tech leader, CTOs are often faced with situations where they have to step up to the plate and be the engineering team’s voice to the rest of the organization; while at the same time be the company’s executive voice towards the dev team.

There are many different challenges to a delivery estimation, Tuomas Pelkonen mentions 12 in his Rants and Apps blog post

1. It is impossible to estimate the unknown

2. Estimates are usually optimistic

3. Estimated time is always used

4. Business relies on estimations too heavily

5. A lot of time is spent on things that are not estimated

6. Estimates are not treated as estimates

7. Estimates do not consider productivity variations between programmers

8. Changes in requirements do not reflect on estimations

9. Truth is told when it’s too late

10. Estimates are not updated when they cannot be reached

11. Programmers are blamed when estimates cannot be reached

12. Wrong people do the estimates

As you probably already figured out, there’s no way to avoid the good ‘ol software delivery estimation, fortunately, there are many different ways to approach and overcome these challenges.

In this inaugural meeting of 7CTOs OC, we will explore the different ways in which delivery estimation should be viewed, we invite you to explore and learn how to use different tools and techniques that will be of help.

Learn more about this in the 7CTOs / ArkusNexus event, taking place August 3rd in Orange County.

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