There are 7 key components that can help you build a rock-solid work ethic for FinTech Companies.

Work Ethic is responsible for marking the ethical guidelines of labor development through universal values that each human being possesses. These values are essential to developing an optimum working environment.


Professionalism is the way to develop a certain activity with a total commitment, moderation and responsibility, according to a specific training and following the socially pre-established guidelines. In your case you are considered to techiest of techies, the mastermind behind the all things tech and a great level of commitment is expected you’re your C level counter parts as well as the tech team you manage.


Respect is a positive feeling, it is a value, which allows the human being to recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of others and their rights. It is also the recognition of the value and the rights of individuals and society. Respect is essential to every relationship of any kind since it helps overcome challenges or obstacles without affecting an individual on a personal level.


CTOs must be relied-on to keep their promises. It’s important to create a reliability atmosphere in order to prove to your costumers and colleagues they can trust you to do everything you say you will.


“Good enough” is not enough. Work must be done all the way.  Always aim for outstanding in everything you do, it may require effort, attention to detail and maybe some extra hours but let your passion and devotion prevail to achieve excellency and greatness in your work, let this attitude be contagious to the rest of your team.


Often times you’ll feel stuck or blocked when facing challenges, but you can overcome these by having determination. There will always be obstacles to achieve your goals but consider these as the opportunities you and your team have to prove that enthusiasm and determination can take you into the right path to reach the goal.  Push ahead fearless and with purpose no matter how far you have to go.


Being responsible means having the ability to meet specific commitments. Accountable teams will “own” their projects and will go above and beyond the call of duty. So any ambiguity, gap or potentially missing pieces of the puzzle are considered the team’s responsibility to resolve, even if they themselves don’t have answers. Simply go out of your way to get what you need from whomever you might require.


Humility is a value every leader should have. Be open to listen and acknowledge everyone’s contribution when it comes to solving a problem, but also share the credit for accomplishments. Being humble doesn’t mean to let everybody get over you, it means to let yourself learn from simple actions and experiences, appreciate, listen and observe what other people have to offer. Remember to be serious about your work but strive to maintain a sense of humor about yourself.

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The 7 strong work ethic tips for CTOs in Fintech