For 10 years now the Apple Keynote has created a breakthrough in technology, it is the long-awaited day where millions of people are made aware of how the future is getting closer.

On September 12, the brand held its most recent event in which it unveiled its new products and updates of its best sellers and launched the one called "The cellphone of the future" or the iPhone X (pronounced ten, not X).

But will this really be the cell phone of the future?

Here we tell you the 10 things you have to know about the device that commemorates the iPhone's tenth anniversary:

IPhone X:

Face ID:

Now that the touch ID disappeared, you may wonder how to unlock your phone without typing your password all the time. Apple has added facial recognition and works in the simplest way: the phone can be unlocked just by looking directly at the device.


Wireless charger? Now it's possible! Thanks to the glass back and an efficient charging system, charging the iPhone X is as simple as putting it on a surface.

How to turn it off:

Do not worry about the power button, with the new iPhone X you will have to keep pressing the power button and the volume down button to turn off your device.

How to turn on Siri:

Apple's famous virtual assistant is still here! You just have to touch and hold the power button to make it appear so that it can assist you in whatever you need.

Screen size:

The largest OLED screen ever used on an iPhone. With 5.8 inches the new iPhone X promises precise and dazzling colors, as well as darker shades never before seen on an Apple device.

How to take a Screenshot:

To take a screenshot you must press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

iOS 11:

Lock screen:

This new update of Apple's operating system connects your notification center and your lock screen, this allows you to see all your notifications without unlocking your screen by simply sliding your screen up to see them and sliding down to hide them.

Control Center:

The new control center adapts to the new size of the screen, the design changes completely making its buttons all slideable. The ability to make 3D Touch on the icons is enabled to show different options.


That's right! The new iOS automatically gathers your files in one place, not only those of your device but also those of apps like Box, Dropbox, and Drive.


If you are one of those who likes to do more than one activity at a time, the new iOS allows you to slide over and split the view with a simple drag gesture.

QuickType keyboard:

Letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks: they are now all together on the same keyboard.