The relationship between a CEO and a CTO is no different than any other relationship - it must be based on communication, understanding, strength, and respect. However, there are certain traits that a CEO will expect from his CTO in order to build a successful bond.

If finding a suitable developer for the job is difficult, finding a suitable CTO for a company is way bigger of a challenge. Making the right choice when picking a CTO will have a positive impact in having sales and business align with development, as well as in increasing customer satisfaction.

1.- Good Communication

The CTO must be able to communicate effectively with all levels. He must use the appropriate words and terms to address the technology teams and pass information along without leaving the team confused or puzzled. He should also be aware of the information he is pushing back to his CEO, make sure it is both timely and appropriate.

2.- CEO Mindset Understanding

To achieve this, the CTO must get to know his CEO from a personal perspective – his values, ideas, sense of urgency and priorities - based on which he will be able to better align projects, teammates, and ideas. Understanding the CEO personality is just the beginning - it will also be necessary for the CTO to adapt to his CEO’s pace of work and management style, as well as to ensure development teams keep up.

3.- They understand work development.

They understand work development.
By understanding and being able to process the CEO’s mindset, the CTO must be able to move to the rhythm and in the same direction. If the CTO is clear and aware of where the CEO is going, he will be able to push forward, define goals and move to achieve them at the pace the CEO is expecting.

4.- They're good leaders

The CTO must be able to lead development teams by helping them better define measurable goals, and align all members and efforts in the same direction while making sure the team never feels overwhelmed. The CTO is expected to have enough movement impetus to be followed by people working at an ideal pace.

5.-Works well under pressure

The CTO can’t lose his head under pressure; in fact, he should be able to understand and embrace it, turning into a positive part of their work - a way to motivate himself and the team to complete their tasks.

6.-Can explain tech terms in layman terms

Many customers will not be related to the world of technology or at least they will not be familiar with some very specific terms of the developers. It is crucial that the CTO has the ability to take complex terms and communicate them in simple words that ensure information effectively shared with clients.

7.- People Skills

On many occasions, the CTO has direct contact with the client. He must have the social ability to be proactive in making them feel confident projects and risks are under control, and deliverables will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

8.-Balances work and play

At the end of the day, it is mandatory that the CEO and the CTO are able to relax over a beer and alleviate any work-related pressure, facilitating and open dialogue in a more relaxed and friendly environment. This will help build strengthen trust - and the overall relationship.

Based on the blog Article written by Alumnify CEO, AJ Agrawal.