We become a seamless

Extension of your company

Software product development

We’ve helped PaaS / SaaS companies with a holistic approach that includes ideation, UI/UX, web and mobile, API and SDK layers, support and maintenance and in some cases, re-factoring their core platforms using newer web-based technologies

Business workflow automation

We can help you align your organization to your goals by improving business processes and delivering fully automated web and mobile solutions, while integrating multiple platforms to co-exist in a seamless environment

Research and development

We can help you setup an innovation lab focused on building new modules for your product, experimenting with state of the art gadgets, sensor networks and IoT devices, all without having to worry about hiring and retaining talent

How we do it

To ensure optimal alignment with our clients business goals and faster time-to-market, we utilize Agile best practices and tools while clearly outlining processes and specific roles for each client profile. We encourage ongoing communication in addition to iteration planning and release interactions, providing project visibility at all times.

Strong adherence to process

Our processes ensure we write great code and meet deadlines, while adhering to Agile best practices and standards

Managed team approach

Think of it as a turnkey solution: your  team is accountable for bottom line results and requires minimal oversight

Single team mindset

Elevated by our proximity, our teams maintain frequent interaction, build rapport and work together with you as one big happy team

Strong focus on UI/UX

Successful project implementations require not just writing great code, but creating software that is both highly usable and visually appealing delivering a rich user experience

A team of creative technologists ideators and builders


With an exceptional track record and long-time expertise building mobile and web products in industries such as insurance, marketing, education and entertainment, our services span all phases of the software development lifecycle. These are some of the technologies we work with:

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