Reinventing pricing analysis Dedicated software and product development team

The Client

A 20-year insurance industry veteran, Quadrant Information Services develops solutions for the insurance property & casualty industry.

Their core offering is data mining through easy to use web and desktop applications that are used by the company’s pricing analysts, product managers or marketing & sales team to compare premium rates between competitors in a state, county and even zip codes.


When Quadrant first approached us, they were having difficulties meeting product deadlines and releases and were more focused on product support and maintenance. With an ambitious growth plan, the team had their eyes set on changing the way insurance companies carried out competitive pricing.

In order for us to develop a solution that would meet the Quadrant’s expectations, we assigned a business analysts whose sole responsibility would be to understand Quadrant’s needs, interview staff and in some cases their clients.

After the initial assessment it was clear that we needed to integrate newer technologies into their existing platforms and as part of our value proposition, a dedicated team was set up to take over the heavy lifting of product development.

The Outcome

In the initial phases of the project, ArkusNexus reduced overall IT spending and additionally provided consulting on how to improve internal processes that made products more efficient and successful in the marketplace.

  • From being a vendor focused on ancillary projects to taking over full product ownership
  • Led user group initiatives and R&D efforts, resulting in next-generation version of core product offering
  • Shift in company positioning - from software vendor to data provider
  • Implementation of iterative approach/validation driven R&D translated into huge savings of over $1M per year
  • Helped shift Manila operations to Mexico based on TCO analysis
  • Portfolio addition secured over $3M in annual revenue

With ArkusNexus, we were able to release 4 new products that have ultimately improved our portfolio value

Lawrence Koa Chief Technology Officer

An empowered business area

A perfect fit for the nearshore product development model, the assigned dedicated team quickly began reducing overall IT costs and were constantly suggesting new ways of presenting information, integrating newer technologies, and helping in the development and launch of 4 new product offerings. This allowed Quadrant to focus more on the business side rather than focusing on product maintenance and support.

In addition to software development, business consulting was provided which in turn, helped improve internal processes making Quadrant’s products more efficient and successful in the marketplace.


Team Composition




Team Composition




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