Get to know our tech ecosystem

Join us for a tour of our tech ecosystem in Tijuana's financial district to learn more about ArkusNexus and
MIND Hub's tinkering labs. This tour includes a glimpse into the tech community in baja - tons of startups,
star wars themed floors, geeky developers and tech leaders of the region.

The road to the south

If you're starting from downtown San Diego, a 15-minute drive through Interstate 5 freeway along the coastline separates you from the States to the busiest border in the world - the San Ysidro border crossing which receives millions of people both ways every year.

But  fear not, waiting times have been greatly improved to just a mere 3 to 10 minutes. If you don't feel like driving you can always take the trolley - the blue line to be precise.

Border crossing

Worried about the border crossing? Well, Waiting times have been greatly improved thanks to the new port of entry; El Chaparral. This state of the art customs facility has 22 lines and a capacity to receive 100 cars per minute.

El chaparral is part of a bilateral action plan by the US and Mexico to improve waiting times on both sides of the border; this plan includes the expansion of San Ysidro’s point of entry to the US and rerouting the interstate 5 to match El Chaparral entry point to Mexico

There’s no danger in coming to Tijuana. The only danger is that you might love it.

Tinkering labs

After a short trip through Tijuana’s financial district, you will reach your destination, a three-story geek-filled building named Mexico Innovation and Development Hub.

But beyond teams, rooms, colors and what not, you will find amazing people who strive for perfection on their projects on a daily basis, a relaxed atmosphere where people share their ideas, experience and best practices resulting in a great work environment.

Innovation labs

Home of MIND Hub - Tijuana's first high-tech incubator certified by Mexico's National Entrepreneurship Institute has a 3-month program that accepts 3 early stage startups and helps them validate and if necessary, pivot their idea or product

Blue, Orange and IT

Focused entirely on development, the geeky developers of this floor work on optimizing business processes for a manufacturing company, building an election management platform, working on the next mexican Intuit and managing MIND Hub's IT

The tinkerers

Last but not least, on the third floor you will find teams that are working not the next big thing - intelligent communications platform that uses sensor networks to deliver content or helping an NBC backed startup change the entertainment industry

Finish your day with an awesome meal

What better way to end an awesome tour than with awesome food. From gourmet meals to street tacos, Tijuana is ground zero for tons of restaurants and food trucks that will delight everyone.

We suggest –

  • Caesar's - Birthplace of the world famous caesar salad
  • Verde y Crema - Mexican cuisine meets gourmet
  • La Querencia - BajaMed, a combination of seafood and traditional Baja cuisine

Hope to see you soon!

What do you need for your visit

Let's get you scheduled

Our basic tour usually lasts 1 hour - between team and community presentations. If you're interested in visiting other venues such as Hub Stn or BIT Center, we can set up the master Tijuana tech tour